Humane Smart Mouse Trap

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Live Catch and Release of Mice. You don’t have to kill them if you don’t want to. Set them free. Let them eat cheese.


Item Description:


·       Material Plastic


·       Size16.42*5.88*6.13 cm


·       ColorGreen


·       Item Type Smart Mouse Trap


·       Quantity1


·       Weight100g


·       BrandComzendle




·       Humane mouse trap is made of transparent plastic, you can check whether there are mice caught without open it. 


·       Perfect for home use, it could be placed in kitchen, living room, lawn and garden. 


·       Simple to use: Just place bait in the back of the trap, there are many holes to give out the bait smell. 


·       No kill mouse: The mouse trap is eco-friendly, safe and effective.


How to use:


·       Step 1: Take out the bait room, that is the part with many holes on it, put bait in it and put it back with holes size inward the trap. 


·       Step 2: Use your finger or a slender stick to press the door inward till the trigger lock the door edge. 


·       Step 3: Place the rodent trap in a place where mice usually go through. 
Mouse will walk into the trap when he attracted by food. 
The door of the rat trap will close behind him and you will have yourself a live mouse captured.


Package Included:


·       1*Smart Mouse Trap