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Why use Jojoba Oil?

Do you know what Jojoba oil is? It is the liquid that we obtain from the seeds of a Jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinenssia), the plant is native to northwestern Mexico, southern California, and southern Arizona. Renowned as Jojoba oil, but it is a wax of a liquid plant and utilized in the past in several medicines for multiple diseases. Jojoba’s rich oil is the most similar to sebum, the oil we as humans naturally produce. Jojoba’s oil is used for the treatment of bruises and sores, massage & helping skin retain it’s moisture.

Jojoba oil
Currently, the Jojoba oil is often used to treat chapped skin, sunburn, psoriasis, and acne. It enhances hair regrowth at a fast pace, people who are bald can get help from this oil. As it is an emollient, it unclogs hair follicles and soothes the skin. Different people think that the Jojoba oil is the carrier oil for essential uses of oil, for instance, making hair products and skin, but it is a competent healer and moisturizer for your skin. Find organic jojoba oil in our natural & organic hair, skin & lipcare.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

1. Moisturizes Skin
In our skin, there are sebaceous glands that are involved in the secretion of a waxy matter or oil known as sebum. The sebum and jojoba oil are similar to each other. The jojoba oil plays an essential role as sebum, and it helps in the moisturization of our hair and skin when the body does not do it usually.

2. Removes Makeup Safely
Jojoba oil is excellent for your skin; it is entirely safe for use jojoba oil on the face. Don't use the makeup remover to remove your makeup you can use jojoba oil as the natural element to remove the makeup, bacteria as well as dirt from the face. Also used for removing the makeup of eyes.

3. Prevents Razor Burn
Never take the risk of using shaving cream, the waxy texture of jojoba oil removes the threats of razor burns or cuts. In contrast to the several shaving creams, the jojoba oil is natural, and it improves the tome of your skin. Before you start shaving, apply jojoba oil as it makes the skin smooth for shaving and also after you shave as it moisturizes the skin and cuts.

Razor burn
4. Promotes Skin Health
Jojoba oil plays an essential role as cleanser and protectant. It is full of iodine which is against the growth of bacteria. The Jojoba oil is good for reducing the signs of aging and wrinkles. The oil can enhance the process of wound healing by speeding up wound closures and stimulating the synthesis of collagen. 

5. Promotes Hair Health
The oil is renowned for improving the texture of the hair and replenishing the moisture, it also helps in getting rid of dandruff, and treating the dry scalp. To soften your hair and add shine, you can use jojoba oil which naturally reduces the frizz of your hair.

Jojoba Oil History

The cultivation of the first jojoba plant took place in the Dead Sea and Negev Desert areas in Israel. In the 1970s, the jojoba oil became extremely important to the cosmetic industry when there was no availability of sperm whale oil. Let’s leave the sperm whales alone. They need their oil.

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