The Erupting Face

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The Erupting Face

What do you do when pimple comes to visit? Do you squeeze & pick them until their juices run from your skin? Really, I want to know.​​

I want to know what you do to them when no one is looking… When it’s just you and pimple & the frustration enters the scene.

Essential oilsDo you go to your chemical arsenal and tear away your skin’s natural #oils and layers or try natural options that relax and soothe the skin? Which methods have worked for you? I love utilizing organic lemon juice, baking soda, honey & tea tree oil in my natural skincare and natural hair care regimen. These are all wellness promoting ingredients that don’t leave my skin screaming for moisture when utilized properly. 

Have you ever heard of tea tree oil? We use it in a few of our products. You'll love it in our herbal lip butter! Click here to order yours! It’s amazing! It has antibacterial properties and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry like many alternatives available on the market.

You can also find tea tree oil in the Purely Northwest Body Wash made with tea tree essential oil. It gives you nice suds and leaves your skin feeling soft while helping to prevent and stop breakouts. Click here  to order your natural tea tree body wash!

Remember, a pimple doesn’t mean that you need to suck the moisture from your skin. Our skin releases natural oils like sebum but these are a product of what we put on or in our bodies. Everything is connected.​​

If you want to explore ways to remove the excess oil and toxins, mud or clay masks are a great way to do this. Have you heard of Calcium Bentonite Clay. This deep pore cleansing clay tightens the skin while removing excess oils. Click here order your  natural skincare!

Nachos and chips - snacks

Fried chicken, fried chips, ice cream & french fries are yummy but my skin doesn’t like them. Click here to read about sugar and sweeteners and their impact on our brains and bodies. Our brains love carbs. Our skin doesn’t like the refined ones as much. On the other hand, my skin and taste buds also love #avocado and #coconut in its many forms- which is interesting because I used to hate them. Our bodies crave what we need and our tastes will change over time.

I go off on tangents and I’ve decided to write how I speak.. So..​​

Do you remember the first time you had a mango? Oh my gosh.. I just remembered.. Do you remember how you loved it’s messy juiciness. It was like it gave you permission to be bad.. Mango was like … “yeaaaa.. Eat me.. Love me.. I’m mango…”

Mangoes are actually also amazing for your skin. They’re full of fiber and antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Eating foods that keep your digestive system #happy and keep your body in an #alkaline state also helps to keep your face free of pimple and his messy friends.

Leave a comment and share what you do when pimples come to visit. Check out our herbal healing butter for a skin loving option that contains tea tree oil and other therapeutic ingredients for acne or irritated skin.

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