Peppermint... All mixed up

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Peppermint... All mixed up

Peppermint is a #hybrid plant that brings together the best of spearmint & watermint to help with relieving #nausea, #muscleaches, and #badbreath. Peppermint, mint, peppermint essential oil

You can enjoy #peppermint in it’s leafy goodness in #teas, #soap,  Natural Lip Balms & more. In it’s essential oil form, peppermint has been linked with helping to relieve #headaches. Also known for promoting hair growth, toning skin & improving circulation, peppermint handles it’s business while loving yours.

You can find peppermint’s powerful mint’s essential oils in our #lip Creme , The Coldest. 🌟💚🌟 You can also order the pure peppermint essential oil by clicking here! Peppermint can be very cooling and minty when added directly to the skin. Mix it with a carrier oil like #rosehip oil or #castoroil. Order your peppermint #essentialoil now! You’ll love it!


Enjoy and remember, it’s all #frommothersgarden. 

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