How CBD Can Make You Look Like a Million Dollars

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How CBD Can Make You Look Like a Million Dollars


Cannabidiol or CBD  is a naturally occurring plant compound derived from the cannabis plant. After the hemp legalization under The Farm Bill last 2018, cannabidiol is becoming more immensely popular nowadays.

In addition, it is not only famous for its therapeutic properties, but also its medical aesthetic. How so? Here are CBD’s chockfull of beauty benefits and how these can make you look like a million dollars.

Prevents and Reduces Acne

Promising studies showed that CBD is an advantage for breakout-prone complexions.  Breaking out or having acne have different components, which include excess sebum, blocked pores, the proliferation of bacteria and inflammation.  

As CBD is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce sebum production and can minimize visible inflammation from clogged hair follicles, which is one of the causes of more acne production.

Slows Down Aging

CBD contains vitamins A, C, D,  and E, which can all help your skin to look younger. Vitamin A can make your skin look firm and healthy. Vitamin C can stimulate collagen production and lessen the signs of aging. Vitamin E can also slow down the aging process.

The linoleic and oleic acids play an essential part in the anti-aging process. One’s body cannot make this naturally, but CBD products have this. These acids would also help one person to have lesser fine lines and prevents signs of aging.  

Moisturizes Your Dry Skin and Controls Your Oily Skin

Many dermatologists discovered the moisturizing features of CBD, as well. CBD can moisturize different dryness of skin types without clogging pores. CBD can also regulate, hydrate and balance out oily skins, which can reduce the chances of acne.

Hydrates Lips

Similar to other lip balms, CBD lip balms protect your lips from dehydration. The only difference is that CBD lip balms also have other advantages of CBD. Not only it hydrates lips, but it can also maintain a more attractive look due to CBD’s anti-oxidants, including omega-3 and omega-6, and vitamins A, B, D, and E properties.  

Reduces Eye Puffiness

Studies also show that due to its anti-inflammatory properties, products containing CBD can gently tighten and lessen puffiness, either due to stress, sleep deprivation or others, in the most delicate parts of your under eye area with no irritation.

Produces Youthful Glow

Medical researches also claimed that cannabis plants contain potent antioxidants. Antioxidants can stabilize free radicals, which are resulted from environmental toxins and stress, from damaging the DNA in one’s cells, which can decrease facial problems such as reddy skin tone, skin dullness, and wrinkles.  

Scientifically, free radicals are one of those molecules of some biochemical compounds with an unpaired electron that is under waste products generated from converting food to energy, which commonly happens in our metabolic process.

An unpaired electron from a free radical molecule usually engages to another electron from a healthy molecule. After which, a chain reaction will start with a lot of deteriorated molecules. If this happens, our organs and other body parts would easily aged or get sick.

Nourishes Bad Hair

CBD can benefit your hairs, as well. Many beauty enthusiasts have been recently recommending CBD as researches show that it contains amino and fatty acids. CBD tends to trigger and develop hair growth through the scalp’s absorption of primary fatty acids –omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, which are all great for your hair.

Treats Skin Allergies

As stated earlier, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This mean, CBD’s anti-inflammatory  and anti-bacterial properties can naturally treat inflammatory-related and irritating skin conditions, including skin allergies, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, as well. Additionally, CBD  can dramatically lessen skin dryness to reduce itching and irritation.



As promising as CBD like, it is better not to be immediately overwhelmed by it.  CBD is not yet FDA-regulated. Choose a company that can be trusted.


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