Five steps to healthier skin

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Five steps to healthier skin

People always ask us about ways to clear their skin. We could try to sell you a million products but realistically, the foundation for clear skin has to do with your choices. Here are five things we do to help our skin stay healthy!


  1. Clean off all makeup at night. Don’t sleep with makeup on at night. Clean your skin before going to bed. Moisturize after you wash your skin then go to bed. This helps to keep those ingredients off your pillow case which will also help to keep your skin clear. Prevent unnecessary bacteria. Please, also use a pillow case. 
  2. Drink water. It’s everywhere. We are mostly made of water. This helps our organs to function properly & helps skin, our largest organ to heal and behave as it should. All water is not created equally. Drink the best water you can/will afford. Artesian/spring are my go to’s when on the go. Get a glass bottle and a water filter. Refill often. Add organic lime.Best water to drink
  3. Eat your vegetables, especially dark, green, leafy ones. Full of fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins & antioxidants, greens provide our bodies with much of what it needs. Keeping our digestive systems healthy & keeping yourself full of naturally iron & vitamin rich foods helps every organ & red cell production. Plus, greens are inexpensive. Eat greens.
  4. Sleep. You have to sleep. We have to sleep. Our cells regenerate at night. According to he National Institute of Health, not sleeping well can cause you to, “...Be irritable...Have memory problems or be forgetful...Feel depressed...Have more falls or accidents...” Not sleeping enough is like speeding up the aging process and slowing down healing. Sleep.
  5. Exercise. Sweat is great for your skin. Release toxins. Increase circulation and blood flow. Get that heart rate up. After getting our sweat on, let’s make sure to wash our skin. Then, what do we always do? We moisturize. 


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