Caring for Oily Hair

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Caring for Oily Hair

“Your hair is the ball gown you never take off.”


While nature determines the texture and color of your hair, the way your hair looks and behaves depends mostly on you. It depends a great deal on your diet, getting enough rest, and lots of exercise.

Keep in mind that hair is nourished from the inside out, so having a well-balanced, nutritious diet will mean a healthier head of hair with extra strength. Natural beauty from within is also reflected by having vibrant skin and strong nails.


Your hair care routine IMPACTS how your hair looks. For hair to look its best, you have to treat it well. Perspiration mixed with hair oil can make hair look greasy and stringy.


To keep HAIR fresh and shiny, shampoo often and rinse well. However, for special hair types like oily hair, washing daily with shampoo and conditioner just won’t work. Caring for oily hair is very different. Following a regular hair care routine is not enough. hERE ARE 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU CARE FOR OILY HAIR. 


1. Wash your hair less often – at least every second or third day.

As recommended, hair must be washed to prevent grease AND OIL BUILDUP. this works differently for naturally oily hair. What happens is that the more you wash, the more it becomes oily. Oil glands coat the hair shaft.



THE OIL GLANDS Are located at the sides of each HAIR follicle, beneath the scalp. As you wash your scalp, hair oil is being stripped.


Your body’s natural reaction is to replace lost oils because it needs these to protect your hair from breaking. Oil also seals moisture into your hair and gives it a healthy shine.



With especially oily hair, these glands tend to be overactive, releasing more oil than necessary. In other words, daily washing over-stimulates the oil glands. In the shorter term, your hair becomes even greasier.


CO-RINSE OR Wash your hair every other day. If you’re already doing that and it is still oily, wash OR CO-RINSE every 3 to 4 days.


2. Use the appropriate shampoo.

Clarifying or oil-reducing shampoo products are recommended FOR OILY HAIR.


3. Use lukewarm water or cool water when shampooing. 


finish with a cold water rinse.

This will help reduce the production of natural oil.


4. Apply oil-control hair care product only on the greasy part of the hair IF YOU USE IT.

There are generally 3 types of oily hair.


Type 1 - Oily hair from roots to end with greasy or oily scalp.

Type 2 - Oily scalp and roots but dry hair from below roots to the ends.

Type 3 - Oily hair but not greasy or oily scalp.


1. For type 1, that means you apply the product to both your scalp and strands.

2. For type 2, focus only on the scalp area and oily roots, then use a different product for the strands.



Applying oil controlling products on the dry part of the hair will result in damaged, dried out strands.


Some say to condition only the ends. This is true if you have the second type of oily hair.


3. For type 3, this is often the result of using products that are not suitable for your hair type. Look for possible causes and avoid them, such as using heavy conditioners or styling products, and also products with excessive chemicals.


5. Get the right hair style.


Some hair styles make oiliness easier to manage. Go for long hairstyles. If you have naturally straight hair, APPLY LESS HEAT.


Wavy or curly strands help lessen oil problems. KEEP THEM MOISTURIZED. Avoid wearing short or very short hair IF YOUR HAIR IS VERY OILY. this encourages oil build up and may lead to a more severe problem.


6. Wear your hair up or loosely pulled back.

Keep it away from your face as much as possible because skin oil easily transfers to the scalp through the strands.


7. Brush hair or touch the scalp area only when necessary.

Frequent brushing or vigorous rubbing stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil.



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