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Show your dad or loved one some love! Help keep their teeth white and their breath fresh!  

Naturally whiten your teeth - if you're not a fan of dental-grade whitening peroxides, @activewow charcoal teeth whitening is a great alternative.  

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Men, do you think you're safe? You also need to check this area. Men are also getting breast cancer and the rates for men are also increasing...

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A strong thick booty is nice and you'll tone up but you know what's amazing? Lungs that can withstand pneumonias, colds & flus. A heart that is strong enough to carry you up and down stairs if you need to run. A heart that isn't failing or attacking.

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Usually when we buy something there is a guaranteed outcome. I pay you for the service rendered and we both part ways having received what we agreed to exchanging..

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Many of the body's organs, including the skin depend on Vitamin C to function properly. One major system that is often forgotten are the body's neurotransmitters. Our nervous system is heavily reliant on Vitamin C. 

Look below to learn more! Pass this on! 

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