Your anti aging skincare routine...

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Your anti aging skincare routine...

My mom always told me there were certain areas that showed your age more than others. Three of the areas she described were our necks, hands & lips. Areas with thinner skin seem to be the areas that reveal a lot of our self care. Our eyes are another major give away. Look in the mirror. What are your eyes saying to you?


Thinner skinned areas need more moisture and protection during other areas, especially during the cold winter months. For chapped lips and dry lips, you’re going to want to use natural lip moisturizer and natural lip balm brands. Click here to check out homemade lip balm, bulk lip balm, organic lip balm, & natural lip balms like Burt’s Bees & From Mother’s Garden’s options!


From Mother’s Garden, coaching, mentorship & supportWhat is your skin care routine? What are you have dry skin or oily skin, your skin care routine and choices will determine the quality of your skin. Skin care products are here to help you but what you eat is the major determining factor in your skin. 


What are you eating? Is it lots of green and leafy vegetables and foods full of vitamins? Is it healthy fats like those found in hemp and other nuts and seeds like sunflower and pumpkin seeds? If not, integrate these into your diet.


Anti aging diet, anti aging foods & your skincare routineAre you drinking and eating alkaline options? Avoid acidic foods and choose options that release mostly alkaline byproduct when broken down by your body. Citrus and greens are great for this. Add organic lemon juice to your water. Drink a lot of water and not just any water. Opt for naturally alkaline water. Artesian water is naturally alkaline. Skin loves hydration from the inside.


Healthy skin also loves to sweat. It’s like wringing a sponge in some ways. Sweat & clean your skin after sweating. Don’t let the toxins & oils you released sit on your skin & dry there. That can help to develop breakouts.


Companies will sell you all of the anti aging and anti wrinkle creams you can buy. What’s most important is keeping the aging process at it’s normal rate or helping to slow it down. This is the real anti aging because in reality, it’s all going to start to sag and wrinkle a little at some point. That’s gravity and life. The surgeons and scientists can only do so much.


Not sleeping enough or having an erratic sleep schedule, drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, being sedentary, & being vitamin and nutrient deprived are just some of the ways we speed up the aging process. Do you see any of your favorites in that little list? If you do, it’s time to switch to behaviors that help you age in a healthy manner.


Get enough sleep. This is when our cells regenerate. This is when we dream. Our bodies need time to be fully relaxed. Cut the lights off. Go to sleep. 


Greens, antioxidant rich foods, anti wrinkle foodsEat foods full of nutrients. Cut alcohol back to social settings and stop drinking for the most part or completely, if you are willing. That’s the best option. 


Get moving. Dance. Walk. Whatever it is. Get out there and get sunlight (for the vitamin D) and move those legs. Get that heart rate up. Get that blood moving. Our hearts love it. Exercise and physical activity are great for circulation and regulating blood sugar levels. Healthy blood flow supports healthy organ function which helps to keep you looking and feeling good!


Slow down the aging process from the inside and watch the outside reflect your vibrance. Moisturize and choose skincare options full of antioxidants when considering anti aging skincare and anti wrinkle creams. Click here to check out our natural and organic options bursting with antioxidants!

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