What are you selling?

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What are you selling?

Everyone knows that person who always has a conspiracy theory. Ever since I started studying psychology, I realized that people don’t know how controlled we are. Programming is so insidious that it seems normal. Things are being sold to us everywhere we look. 

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From clothing to to social media, marketing companies are getting really creative at how they put information in front of us. When we like posts on social media or post pictures, we often don’t think of ourselves as sales people but we are selling something. We are selling an image, a lifestyle, a mindset, or a product- for free. There are other groups we could include here but I’ll focus on these for now. Do you ever think about this when you’re snapping these pics?


If you’re aware of how you are spreading information and products, that’s great. This means you’re paying attention. If you’re not aware of this, pay attention & pass this on. You’re not alone.  Our attention is valuable. We invest money and time in things that we feel add value to our lives.


When I say value, I mean it in the general sense. Some are looking to fulfill their emotional needs. Most of our attention goes to things that meet our emotional or physical needs.  Think about where you invest your money and time.


I’m going to add to this blog later but listen to  This is your brain on ads...” in the meantime.




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