Trust & Medical Care: Who can you trust?

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Trust & Medical Care: Who can you trust?

Do you trust your doctor? I'm asking this because I've had several conversations with people and it's rare that people tell me, "yes." They will tell me how long they've been going there and will try to support their medical care choice in numerous ways but the answer to the question tends to remain a "no" which does not surprise me.

Usually when we buy something there is a guaranteed outcome. I pay you for the service rendered and we both part ways having received what we agreed to exchanging. In medical care, the scenario plays out more like, "I agree to pay you for you trying to do something I don't really understand but you know more so.. just do it." Does this sound familiar?

I know you may not want to admit it but how much do you really know about that last surgery you had or the meds you're currently taking? Do you read your blood tests? Did you research the medication they prescribed or did you blindly accept the prescription and take it as told because the doctor said you needed it? You don't have to tell me but be honest with yourself. You most likely don't know much about what's going on with your medical care.

Think about the paperwork you're asked to fill out. Do you read it? Anyone who knows they're helping you doesn't need so much assurance and coverage. I know we live in a highly litigious world but those forms are there to protect the doctor, not you. Don't feel bad about not trusting your doctor. They don't trust you either. That's why you spend so much time filling out paperwork and signing on the dotted line.

Knowing that this is a relationship not based on trust but an exchange of services for pay, question what is being done and seek clarification. If you don't understand something or if it doesn't make sense to you, ask about options & second opinions. This is your right.

No one cares about your health more than you and if something goes wrong, all that doctor can and will do is apologize and try to offer you some comfort before going on to their next patient. Don't let the fear of upsetting someone silence you. This is your life and your health.

Trust yourself. 

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