The Beauty Benefits of Hemp & Hemp Seed Oil

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The Beauty Benefits of Hemp & Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Oil is widely used as an active skincare product & contributes to the preservation of the natural beauty of the skin & body. From Mother’s Garden utilizes the benefits of organic and cold pressed hemp seed oil in our Hemp Delight Lip Creme, our Tonight’s Bath, bath soak & our skin scrub. Our clients love it’s skin loving benefits. Click here to order your hemp filled skincare options!

Along with helping the skin, hemp seeds / hemp hearts & hemp oil are great for the whole body. The amazing nutritional benefits of the hemp plant help in maintaining a healthy nutrient balance & cultivate the growth of vigorous cells & nerves. Here’s a list of some of the amazing health benefits of the hemp plant & hemp seed oil.

An Effective Anti-Aging Agent

Hemp oil comprises a mix of essential fatty acids called polyunsaturated lipids which helps in preserving the tightened elasticity of the skin. In simpler words, hemp restricts the extensibility of the skin and extends the duration of youthful years.

Natural Moisturizing Properties

As a moisturizing agent, hemp oil has multiple skin benefits and helps in the regulation of the skin’s oil production. It is one of the best natural remedies & products for both dry & oily skins & is also an effective anti-acne agent.

Helps Maintain Hormonal Balance

The presence of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) contributes to the regulation of hormone levels & helps in maintaining healthy blood circulation. It battles the skin & body problems caused by blood thickening and & is used widely as an effective blood thinner. This amazing property of hemp oil also contributes to lowering the risk of heart diseases.

A Beneficial Anti-Inflammatory Agent

To some extent, hemp seed oil can also provide temporary relief to arthritis pains and also effectively decreases the symptoms associated with arthritis. This is majorly due to the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil which also promote new cell generation & skin growth.

An Active Source of Nutrients

Hemp seed oil also helps in curing the omega-6 fatty acids deficiency & is an effective treatment for skin rashes & also controls hormone-related acne outbreaks caused by the nutrients deficiency. 

Find hemp in our Hemp Delight Lip Creme and enjoy it in its many forms. Click here to order your lip loving lip creme!

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