On my time... how productive are you?

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On my time... how productive are you?

Vacations don’t excite me the way they used to. Being able to move freely is what turns me on. Moving freely is highly important to me. I want to experience this.

Productivity and success - life coaching Cost shouldn’t be a leading factor in our decisions. Of course there will be financing and timing factors. These should be things we consider but we should have choice here. Why are we ok with doing so many things on other people’s schedules and clock? We run on our own time.

Every day when we wake up, we decide how to spend our time. Every minute is invested in something. When we meet our last moment, we will have the realization that we are out of time. We live and die on our time. No one else will have to accept this for us.

Productivity and setting goals How are you utilizing your time? Are you hitting the goals you’ve set? Do you have any goals? What are you working toward? Regardless of whether you know it, you’re working toward something.

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