When twerking goes wrong!

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When twerking goes wrong!

Stretching is so important. I was dancing around my apartment and bent down and did something. I’m not sure what I did but it doesn’t feel good. It definitely feels bad.

I stretch often but whatever the heck I was doing was new because I heard it. My body was like, “oh. Ok Tamika. Not today.” I feel like I pulled a muscle. When you drop it, you have to let it go at just the right speed. I was feeling the music but the way my body is set up. 👀 

The point of this is to say, stretch often. Being flexible helps to shorten recovery times and it helps with circulation. One of the leading cause of injury in older people is hip fractures. Let’s stay limber.

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Also, here is a page with stretches you can do at home or wherever you may be! Click here to check out these simple stretches!

Let me know your favorite yoga or stretching routine in the comments. I’d love to try what works for you. 💚☀️ 

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