Don't just talk... Do the work.

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Don't just talk... Do the work.

I see so many people offering motivational speaking. When I look at a lot of their pages, it looks like this is all they're doing. I see the quotes and memes but where are the examples of them applying these beliefs? Are they doing the work?

I know that this is the new way for people to create followings. "Let's motivate and inspire", people will say but then they'll be living regular lives that appear to be very much uninspired.

I'm all for spreading positivity, love & support. If your goal in life is to help others thrive, do this, but first, please be thriving and not just talking. If you're working a job you hate and asking others why they're not pushing it to the limit, something is off. Why are you not pushing it to your limit? Don't sit around being comfortable, doing the least, while telling others that they can do whatever they put their mind to.

What are you putting your mind to? Talking? Doing the least? Before you tell others what they can do, see what you can do and do it. 

I had a serious fear of public speaking. I used to literally shake when I had to speak in front of a group of people. I realized that, for me to be effective, I had to start doing this. I stopped saying, "no", to opportunities to share. Get out there and get over yourself. Stop hiding. Your work is calling you and the longer you ignore the call, the louder it will be. 

I was avoiding my work. I make amazing skincare options but I know there was much more for me. I knew i'd have to share more if I was going to do what I was meant to do. I know that just making skincare is not enough. Because of my life experiences, there are conversations that I have to have and am able to have. I can't just talk about curl patterns and split ends. That'd be me avoiding conversations and topics I know I can explore with others and that, I know I can't do. 

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