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Do the Work

I made a commitment. Like many who fall under the sign of Aries or the number 4, I did not fully know what I was committing to but I knew that it would help me grow so I jumped in. Now that I'm doing the work I’m realizing that what I’m doing requires more than I had realized. 

At first this was upsetting to me because I felt like I sold myself short price wise but then I thought about it and realized, I'm never under selling myself when I'm learning. People work for free to learn. I’ve done it.


The things I’m learning will help me in life. This is paid training. I’m learning discipline and new marketing techniques while networking. That’s priceless. 


When I think about income what is most important to me is that my time is valued and I don't feel like I'm being cheated when I am increasing my arsenal of tools. This way of thinking has helped me not only grow my business but it is the way I got into skincare. I’ll tell that story via video another day. 


Do the work and watch the money show up. A lot of times we think that the money should be there first but until people have proof that we can do a job, they don’t want to pay us. Why would they? 


Will you commit to putting in the time and effort? When you do, watch the pay match your work. I’m not at this point yet but I feel myself growing and that comes first. Actually, I am at this point. In a sense, we all are.


We are earning what we think we can earn or should earn in many ways. Let’s grow that thinking. Let’s grow together. 


If you ever want to talk to me about feeling stuck or you want to talk about how you relate to money and your potential, let’s set up a coaching session.  Email us at to get started or click here! Register for our newsletter!




Writing is one of my favorite ways of exploring my thoughts. Expressive writing allows me to explore what’s going on. We often aren’t even aware of those subconscious thoughts. Write.


Use nice writing tools. This elevates the experience. Check out our  journals and notebooks by clicking here! Order them now! Start that novel. Explore your brain. There’s magic and gold in there.

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