Cardi B told us to chill with the beef...

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Cardi B told us to chill with the beef...

Red meats, like lamb & beef are not your friend and they are especially hostile to your body if you have an inflammatory condition. Why is this? Red meat is high in saturated fat and a type of omega fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acids, known to promote inflammation in the body. 


Pork, dairy products, like butter and cheese, and fried foods are also linked to increased inflammation. Minimize these in your diet. Instead, choose foods with high levels of fiber and monounsaturated fats. Nuts, olive oil, flaxseeds, and fatty fish options are your friend. 


Losing weight can also help with inflammation and joint pain. Putting less pressure on your joints and having a lower body weight can help to prevent you from getting heart disease and a host of other avoidable health conditions. Would you like help with making changes to your diet or lifestyle? Speak to one of our certified holistic health coaches. 


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