Better than you

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Better than you

Have you ever had an experience with someone when it hit you? This person does not respect me. It wasn’t something specific they did or said. It was the feeling. You just realized that they felt themselves or others were more important than or better than you. 

Better than? How is anyone better than? You can become better than the person you were but you can’t evaluate yourself next to someone else’s standards. You two will never measure properly. You’ve had different experiences and those who came before you also made different choices. A person may know more or have a different set of experiences but better than or more deserving? No.

Society teaches us that people should be treated differently based on what they have or other groupings like race, religion, ethnicity, style, income & more. We each have value and add to this world in special ways. There’s no way to measure how much each of us has impacted this world or will.

From Mother’s Garden, holistic health coaching, mental health supportI appreciate moments when people have reminded me of their lack of genuine love for me. They force me to treat myself better so I stay away from that energy and value myself as I should. Every time I experienced this feeling, I also notice that I played a major part in why the person thought they could be strange with me. I let them. I accepted disrespectful behavior. In doing this, they got more comfortable with the disrespect. We show people how to treat us.

Often we think of disrespect as cursing at someone or putting our hands on them but it can often be much simpler and less overt. Simply doing things you continue to say you don’t like or doing things to make you question your abilities or downplaying things you care about can be signs of disrespect. 

You know when people don’t value you or respect you. You feel it. Watch how they treat you when people are around. Watch how they treat people in relation to how they treat you. Be aware. Don’t ignore these things.

You have to surround yourself with energy that uplifts and supports you. Why would you want to accept anything else? Why do you feel it’s ok to let people not appreciate and value you? Where’d you learn that? Unlearn and forget this behavior. It’s unhealthy, disempowering and self destructive.  Nothing else deserves your time or attention. You’re highly valuable. Remember that. Remind yourself. 

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