Be Extra.. Be Really Extra

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Be Extra.. Be Really Extra

I don’t trust myself in a lot of situations. In tests, I second guess my answers and get things wrong when I know the correct answer. Even in dressing myself, I’ll get dressed and think I look good until it’s time to go. Then I’ll be late because I’m busy changing my clothes over and over and finally, I may end up not going.


If you’ve ever invited me to something & I didn’t come, this may have happened. I also may have never intended to come. Either way, here we are.


Yesterday, I decided to dress up. Well, actually, I decided to wear what I wanted just the way I wanted. It was the last day of my real estate exam and I decided to get cute for myself for my test. I trusted my decision to wear high black leopard print socks with my red velvet ankle high boots. I trusted myself to put my gold shimmery top under my crochet black dress. I also trusted my decision to pull the dress into my undies so I could put my dark olive green Bermuda shorts over the dress and wear it as a shirt. 


I then trusted myself to go outside exactly as was. I decided that I wasn’t going to change. I decided to go outside in a way that I know people might say is extra but is for me because I liked it & how I felt in it. You know when you were a little kid and you’d  get dressed. It was like that. With my own heels. The heels had to go. I was wobbling to my car after class. Hilarious. I was talking to myself, “Keep going. You can do it.” I did it. 


I’m not average. I’m not simple. Say it with me. My name is “___________” and I’m extra.

If or when you trust yourself, you will see how extra you really are. Be extra. Trust what’s for you.


P.S. I met multiple people who stopped me to tell me how amazing I looked yesterday. When you are being you and that’s it, you’re never extra. You’re just right. I forget that I’m just right because the world tells us to calm down and behave but we are just right when being ourselves. Hire me to officiate your wedding.

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  • Lena

    I can hear your voice reading this 😂😂…. I love it!

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