3 reasons clove isn’t just for pie!

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3 reasons clove isn’t just for pie!

We love herbs and spices. In pie, drinks & other tasty items, spices like clove help to elevate the experience. We often forget how healing these items can be when used with intention. Read below to learn three ways clove benefits the skin and body.


1. Anti-fungal


  • Inhibits fungus growth
  • May completely kill fungus

Clove Essential oil can help with athlete's foot. Mix a few drops of clove essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil and apply this to the affected area for a holistic remedy that aids in killing foot fungus.


2. Antioxidant & Antiviral

  • Possesses Phenolic Acids (Have anti-carcinogenic & anti-mutagenic effects - they act as protective agents of DNA)
  • HELPS stop / slow free radical development
  • May slow down the aging process
  • MAY help to prevent the development of cancer cells .
  • Has been found to inhibit virus development.

Mix a few drops of clove oil with your favorite skin crème for an anti-aging solution. Very little is needed. Too much clove essential oil will cause burning. Apply this mixture to your skin and feel this antioxidant rich oil get to work.  Free radicals promote aging and using a product that slows free radicals can help to keep skin supple & smooth.


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 3. Pain relief

  • One of the main components of the clove bud is eugenol
  • Eugenol has anesthetic properties

Other medicinal plants with antioxidant & antimicrobial qualities:  Mint, oregano, thyme & cinnamon. Click here to learn about the benefits of peppermint essential oil!



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