Business survival in the concrete jungle!

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Business survival in the concrete jungle!

10 ways to promote business survival 


A part of your holistic wellness is your financial stability. If you're constantly without enough money, this is where attention flows: to lack. At From Mother's Garden, we are all about self employment & building. Mental, physical, emotional, economical, and communal development are all essential.

"Did you know that according to 2016 statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), about 50% of all businesses survive at least five years, and that number drops to 1/3 after 10 years or more?* Whoa! The importance of keeping your eye on the ball can’t be overstated.
" - Angela Murphy

Click here & check out this article by guest blogger, Angela (Ang) Murphy on the A Crazy Dream website! Grow a business that will last!    

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