Release the thirst

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Release the thirst

It’s easy to get emotionally attached to people who are emotionally unhealthy. What can seem like genuine interest is often control and manipulation. How do we decipher what’s happening? Don’t be thirsty. 


Being desperate can blind you. This is why being poor is so dangerous. When you are at a lack, being given something can seem like you’re being helped but this help is often a way to cripple you. Bullies and cowards love weak people. This is how they thrive. This is how systems thrive. 


Create. Make options for yourself and those around you. Stop entering situations at a lack. Stop seeing what you don’t have as lack and consider it as an opportunity. Look at intention and make sure you never get into situations that you won’t be able to change for yourself. You should be able to move freely. You’re the only person who will make this possible and this starts with your thinking.


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